“Andrea is a wonderfully insightful Yoga teacher. She offers a deep experience, which leaves my mind clear and body renewed. Her demeanor is positive and gentle, and her practice is challenging, yet nurturing. I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone, from beginner to advanced practitioner.”

- Harlan Bratcher, President and CEO of A/X Armani Exchange

“Andrea demonstrates selfless service with a generous and open heart. I trust her teaching wholeheartedly. As a beginner I was fearful about starting yoga yet Andrea removed that fear effortlessly. Her professionalism, her level-headedness and her knowledge enable her to create a safe space to explore yoga in meditation, breath work, and asana.”

- John Edelman, CEO Design Within Reach

"After a yoga class with Andrea, I feel calm, centered and focused. She has helped me get into a routine of stretching and strengthening my body in order to stay strong and flexible. Her passion and focus are positive and uplifting. Her teaching is straightforward, knowledgeable and capable.              

 - Andrew Rosen, CEO and Founder of Theory

“Andrea is a truly gifted yoga teacher who is generous with her time, energy and spirit.  She provides specific, insightful instruction, guiding me to a healthy state in both body and mind.  It's amazing that she can keep me focused and relaxed for a solid hour, my mind barely racing as it normally does.”

-       Christine Quinn, Former Speaker of the New York City Council

“Beyond mastery of postures; the breath work, meditation and self respect that Andrea offers in her classes have nurtured my spirit as well as my body. Working with her has transformed my life. Her passion for the ritual and practice of yoga has inspired me to keep a consistent and daily practice for myself which has in turn changed my life.”

- Dianne DesRoches, Principal and CEO, AR New York

“I have had the pleasure of working with Andrea for 3 years.  I have taken her classes and have also listened to numerous guests praise her skills.  I have watched Andrea teach major CEOs, professionals, celebrities, and several “intense” guests and she has always helped them transform.  Her passion, knowledge, professionalism and honesty help to neutralize and soften even the biggest egos.  She has changed many lives because of her ability to speak to anyone, at any level.  I would recommend her informed teaching to any corporation or individual.  You can’t imagine the transformation that she can help create with a 4 day retreat.”

                                                          -       Crawford Sherman, Head of Caicos Holdings and Parrot Cay Resort 

"As someone who has struggled with physical flexibility, I have known for years that yoga would be a good addition to my fitness regime. I have practiced yoga and meditation with Andrea and appreciate her passionate and informed teaching style. She has had the unique experience of working with a wide range of clientele and the ease with which she does has always impressed me. It is a sign of her passion and professionalism. I highly recommend a retreat with Andrea for any corporation."

- Nigel Morris, Managing Partner of QED Investors and co-founder of Capital One

“Andrea's deep love for yoga and her generosity of spirit infuse her teaching. She exudes love, compassion, joy and peace. Her classes are nicely paced and structured for any level. Andrea has seen me through several of life’s joys and challenges and has remained a positive influence and a close friend through it all.”

- Patti Hansen, Model and Actress

“Andrea has been a patient and compassionate guide on my path of yoga and meditation. She radiates light and possibility. As a teacher, she gently adjusts her lessons and suggestions to fit wherever I happen to be physically or emotionally at the time. It is a pleasure to work with her."

-       Emily Holt, former Fashion News Editor at Vogue

“Andrea is a wonderfully insightful Yoga teacher.  She offers a deep experience, which leaves my mind clear and my body renewed.  Her demeanor is positive and gentle, and her practice is challenging yet nurturing.  I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone, from beginner to advanced practitioner.”

-       Kim Catullo, Corporate Lawyer at Gibbons Law