If you have ever considered taking some time out of your everyday life to focus on your yoga practice in a safe environment, a private retreat may be the right option for you. What is so special about a private yoga retreat is that it is simply all about you: your body, your goals and your schedule. Maybe you need a quiet escape from the stress of daily life or a weekend of self discovery and a chance to bring balance into your life. Whatever your intentions are, I will work with you to create a retreat that is recharging, inspiring and uplifting.

These private and personal retreats are suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners alike, as the daily yoga sessions are tailored specifically to your individual skill level and goals. The customized instruction includes everything from pranayama (breathing), asana (physical posture) and meditation. Whether this is a solo journey or one with close friends and family, a private retreat is truly a transformative and healing experience that brings about change and renews inspiration from within. 

The benefits of taking time to connect to yourself and your practice are endless. Whether it is a couple days or a week long experience, retreats are an important practice in self care as it allows for a break from everyday stress, logistics and obligations. Without the buzz of your cell phone and non-stop calendar reminders, it feels a lot more natural to connect with your breath and live in the present moment. In this space, it lends time to clear bad habits, discover new truths and inspire a new path forward.