New York City is exciting, intense, inspiring and fast-paced. City life offers so much, but with it can also come higher levels of stress, which is hard on the body. Here of all places, it is critical that we cultivate real and profound outlets to release this stress and to recharge our mind and body. Yoga is an excellent means to this balance as it combines breath work (which calms the nervous system), physical strengthening, stretching postures and meditation into a practice that is transformative, natural and profound. As corporations are really understanding the value that yoga brings, especially as it relates to handling daily stress and leading a healthier and more balanced life, it is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. Knowing how difficult it is for corporations to get a group of people abroad for a retreat, I created the Urban Yoga Retreat, which can be held right in the heart of our city.  


  • Energy increase
  • Reduced neck and back pain
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Tools to cope with stress and anxiety
  • Help with carpal tunnel
  • Improved communication skills
  • Increased creativity and focus
  • Reduced health care costs
  • Increased productivity & employee retention
  • Improved overall health of employees 

The Urban Yoga Retreat goes beyond what a normal yoga class offers; it is a lifestyle workshop designed for corporations, geared towards physical and mental transformation and finding balance in our everyday lives. This retreat format is designed to not only teach participants poses, postures, and breathing techniques that will be useful for their working lifestyle, but I work to instill an outlook and an ongoing practice that participants can keep with them moving forward. It is a short commitment with long lasting results.

The retreat is catered to your company's needs and is an investment in the wellness, inspiration and performance of the company as a whole. It is time that is spent hyper-focused on the self, offering lasting, transformative, and highly effective results to employees that in turn, will lower stress and anxiety and increase overall mental and physical health. I work with all groups to instill a new attitude and skill set for a better quality of life and performace at work. The retreat is a great growth opportunity in terms of team bonding and professional development. Everyone is working together towards a common goal and this leads to a more cohesive work environment. Titles do not matter once we are in our practice- there are no interns, directors, and managers. On the mat, we are all equal.


  • Takes place over four consecutive evenings, two hours each evening, either on company grounds or at another agreed upon location in New York City.

  • Suitable for any and all levels. Those with a refined practice will be challenged physically and mentally and at the same time, beginners will be challenged and able to work at their own pace.

  • Can be taught to 25 people at once and should be scheduled well in advance. 

  • All yoga gear (mats, blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets) will be provided.

  • Yoga space and gear will be set up, cleaned and removed by Andrea Curry Yoga staff.